Quarantine got you down? We can not let the Coronavirus put a damper on your spring cleaning Like Pressure Washing, Roof Cleaning, Concrete Cleaning All should be done to you Louisville property. This year has set a new precedence to say the least. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up your house like wash your roof with a state of the art soft wash and renovate on a spectacularly low budget!

Go Antiquing

There are always hidden gems at your local antique stores in the Louisville area. Find a dresser and give it a makeover, the crafty type? Not a problem… There are great DIY instructional videos online. Some quick sanding, a beautiful color paint and you’ve got yourself a beautiful accent piece! If you have any leftover paint add some color to small details such as old wooden picture frames, or doorknobs.

Start Small

Try replacing small things around your house. Changing small appliances such as the faucets in your bathroom sink can take you from outdated to new age in just a few turns of a wrench. I always recommend clients who are avid DIYer’s, check out Rebuild stores first, there are plenty of great finds and you are helping an amazing cause. Start in one room and go from there. Instead of painting your entire living room, paint an accent wall and buy some accent pillows. Viola! 

Work from the Outside-In

If you love the way the inside of your home looks, but the outside is green from algae and mildew, before you stress out about replacing the siding or your algae covered roof, get it cleaned. “You would be astounded how a Professional House Wash could restore the elegance of even the dirtiest homes.” Chad Hupp, of Louisville, KY. A Professional Power Washer at Hydro Solutions Power and Soft Washing tell us. “Some home insurance companies will try and lower the value of your home due to the level of mold, mildew and algae build up found on your roof, brick, siding or concrete.”

Do Your Research and Do Not Rush

Do not make the mistake of jumping in a project without doing proper research. Make a list of the things you want to work on first. Find your budget and stick to it. Go to multiple stores and price compare. Watch every DIY video you can find! Get advice from the experts, read blogs. There are so many educational Blogs from experts who are practically telling you their secrets to success, hear them out! Two heads are always better than one, but especially when one happens to earn a living doing exactly that. 

Get Organized

If all else fails, and you are stuck on when you want to renovate, rebuild, or reuse, or you just don’t have the money for even the smallest projects, it is good to get organized! Out with the old and in with the space! Don’t be afraid to get rid of junk that has just been sitting, taking up all the space in every crevice you own. Make use of the extra shoeboxes or amazon boxes you have hanging around. Throw some color and paint on the box and you now have an adorable organizational tote. Categorize, label, alphabetize… whatever your heart desires. What are you waiting for? Go get started!



Treat Your Roof: Benefits of a Soft Wash Cleaning System • Louisville's #1 Trusted & Dependable Pressure Washing Company

[…] If left untreated, moss can shave years off of the life of your roof. Moss tends to spread rapidly, especially in the climate of the Ohio Valley. Root systems grow between, underneath, and into the surface of your roof’s shingles and tiles, creating the potential to expose your roof, as well as trap water and excess heat. Insurance companies often will not cover roof damage if it’s a result of poor maintenance. Don’t jeopardize your home’s value with an unsightly roof. […]


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