Concrete & Patio Cleaning

Hydro Solutions Power and Soft Washing has invested heavily in professional equipment specifically designed to clean your driveway and patio efficiently while safely providing an unbeatable deep clean of the area removing moss, weeds, lichens and algae without damaging the surface.

Controlled Pressure Surface

Our controlled pressure Surface Cleaning equipment and solutions can clean almost any surface including block-paving, natural stone, concrete slabs, pattern imprinted concrete and timber decking to a standard far above what can be achieved with a conventional pressure washer while using far less water.

Sparkling Clean

Once the surface is sparkling clean, we can protect it using specially formulated Sealers or carry out any repairs you require.

Eliminate Striping

Due to its design the surface cleaner can clean larger areas at a time than a standard pressure washer, eliminating what is known as striping which is unattractive stripes left on the surface after cleaning, so providing a beautiful even finish. It also cleans at ground level so there is minimal disturbance to the surrounding area or passersby.

Full Concrete Cleaning Service

If your concrete is slippery, get it cleaned and remove the mildew & algae to restore the safety & appearance of your walkways, driveways, porches and patios!

Concrete Cleaning Before Concrete Cleaning After

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