The exterior of your house is repeatedly exposed to dust, sunlight, rain, and dirt. Over time, the grime keeps accumulating and reduces the home’s aesthetic appeal. Pressure washing is an efficient cleaning method that will rejuvenate the beauty of your home, making it appear as nice as new. So, pressure washing is becoming increasingly popular, and you will find many DIY tutorials on how to do it. The pressure washing equipment is also easily available for rent to facilitate DIY pressure washing. 

So, as a homeowner, what is the best option: grabbing a pressure washer to embark on a home cleaning journey, or hiring professionals for the job? If that’s the question you have in mind, you have come to the right place. Read this article till the end and you won’t be in a dilemma anymore.

DIY Pressure Washing: Cons

The main reason why people opt for DIY pressure washing is that they can save money and have complete control over the various aspects of the washing project. But if it has these pros, it also has several cons:

Potential risks

The main reason why it is better to ditch the idea of DIY pressure washing is that it can be risky. It isn’t as straightforward as the tutorials you have watched. What if you end up damaging some delicate surface by holding the nozzle too close or exerting too much pressure? 

Your safety is another concern as you will have to climb a ladder to reach certain areas. One misstep or slip when tackling the high-pressure hose, and you can be seriously injured. For people who have kids and pets at home, it is important to ensure they remain inside the house during the process.

Effort and time

DIY pressure washing is not the same as gardening or decorating your house for a birthday party. It involves a lot of hard work and after a while, you won’t find the task appealing.

As you aren’t trained for this job, you will also need a lot more time than professionals. From getting the equipment ready to washing all the exterior surfaces – you will have to spend an entire day and become fatigued. Do you want to go through so much hassle just to save a small amount?

Hidden expenses

As opposed to professional pressure washing services, the upfront expense of pressure washing your house yourself might look like a cost-effective solution. But did you calculate the cost of renting the equipment and buying cleaning solutions? 

You also need to invest in good quality gloves and safety gear, Lastly, you will end up wasting more water than trained workers.

Perks of Appointing an Experienced Pressure Washing Agency

Now let’s understand in what ways professional pressure washing is better than DIY pressure washing.


Handling high-pressure and pressure-washing elevated surfaces is not easy. Professionals have been doing these for years and they are aware of the potential risks. So, the safety of the property and the inhabitants is of paramount importance to them. The equipment they use is also expensive and modern to minimize the risk of injury or damage.


A major benefit of relying on residential pressure washing near me is their expertise. With excellent tools and experience, professionals will finish the job on time. There will be minimum disruption during the cleaning and your home will get a makeover within a few hours. Can you expect the same outcome from DIY pressure washing?

Comprehensive cleaning

Pressure washing a house is not just washing it with water. It involves treating different surfaces after checking the type of grime. So, the same approach won’t work for mold growth on a wooden deck and oil stains on the driveway. With DIY pressure washing, you cannot be mindful of so many factors. However, pressure washing companies know all the techniques, thus providing a thorough cleaning.

Professional vs DIY Pressure Washing Tools

When oscillating between DIY and professional pressure washing, it is crucial to consider the equipment. The equipment will significantly impact the cleaning project’s results. Here are some points to remember:

  • Professional pressure washers are built to endure the rigors of intensive use. You won’t get the same kind of reliability and longevity from domestic pressure washers.
  • Professional pressure washers have more features along with customizable options.
  • The PSI rating of professional pressure washers is higher than residential pressure washers.

The Bottom Line 

We may conclude by saying that DIY pressure washing is possible if you have enough time, energy, and the right tools. You also need to be adept at it and teach yourself the intricacies of pressure washing equipment. On the other hand, getting in touch with a reputed pressure washing company will give you mental peace and wonderful cleaning. So, you will be free to spend your Sunday hanging out with family and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Common Mistakes Do Homeowners Make When Attempting DIY Pressure Washing?

Some common mistakes that homeowners commit during DIY pressure washing are not using the right tools and not regulating the water pressure as per the needs of the surface.

Q. What Are the Hidden Costs of DIY Pressure Washing?

While DIY pressure washing appears cheap, there can be hidden expenses. You have to spend money on cleaning solutions, and you’ll rent the equipment every time.

Q. What Guarantees or Protections Do Professional Pressure Washing Services Offer?

If you contact a well-known and highly rated pressure washing service provider, they will guarantee quality services. They have the best equipment and skilled and trained staff, and they also offer reasonable prices.

Q. Why Is Experience Important in Identifying and Cleaning Different Surfaces?

Pressure washers are complex and heavyweight. Mistakes or carelessness can lead to injuries as well as property damage. That explains why experience in this field is paramount to adjusting the force of water properly based on the surface you’ll clean.