Louisville Graffiti Removal Is The newest challenge, And has quickly become a problem in our city, Hydro Solutions Power And Soft Washing has the perfect fix and solution for the unsightly Tagging Covering our City.

Graffiti sends the signal that nobody cares, attracting other forms of crime and street delinquency in a neighborhood.
Graffiti decreases a feeling of safety. Neighborhoods with graffiti see a decrease in property values, loss of business growth and tourism, and reduced the amount of good traffic your business will receive.
Graffiti drains tax dollars. Funds that could be used for schools, roads, parks, and other community improvements, are used for graffiti clean-up.

Finding yourself the victim of an unsightly graffiti tag can be annoying and devalue your business or home. This means restoring your property to the absolute appearance, before this nuisance crime was committed. That means the complete removal of any existence of spray paint, while keeping your property damage free!

Our experienced Technicians have been specially trained to remove even the most stubborn unsightly graffiti tags without leaving a “ghost tag” or “etching” from your surface. If the siding of your home or business is painted, we have a team of professional painters to paint match and...

Erase the Hate!

Some may think that Graffiti is art

But it's hard to appreciate artistic merit when it lowers your property value, increases other types of vandalism, and encourages crime in your area.

Get the hydro Solutions power and soft washing 100% satisfaction guaranteed with every job.

Building Exteriors

Walls & Barriers • Bridges & Underpasses • Street Signs • Guard Rails • Parks & Monuments • Public Vehicles • Hard-To-Reach Areas • Industrial Structures

Hydro Solutions Power And Soft Washing LLC is Louisville’s most Prominent Pressure Washing Company. With over 10 years experience, we specialize in all facets of Power Washing and Soft Washing for Residential & Commercial clientele in Louisville, KY and surrounding areas of Kentuckiana including:

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  • Mt. Washington, KY
  • New Albany, IN
  • Prospect, KY
  • Shelbyville, KY
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  • St. Matthews, KY
  • Taylorsville, KY
Graffiti Removal Before Graffiti Removal After Louisville Graffiti Removal Before Louisville Graffiti Removal Before 2 Louisville Graffiti Removal After

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