For Louisville Soft Wash Roof Cleaning, It’s easy to take your roof for granted. They usually last a minimum of 20 years, longer than many people who stay in one house. Roof maintenance and repair are often forgotten until significant signs of damage, such as leaks, rear their ugly head.

What if you could lengthen the lifespan of your roof and protect your roof from heavy wear?

Good news: you can, and quickly. A good Louisville roof cleaning service can provide soft washing services that will keep your roof in excellent condition. Below is a guide explaining why an excellent commercial roof cleaning like soft washing is essential to your home’s health.

Geography, Weather, and Your Roof

Where you live will be a significant factor in the lifespan of your roof due to weather conditions. Florida, for example, is one of the worst places for roof lifespans because of the heat, sun exposure, and natural disasters like hurricanes that bring pounding rain and high winds.

Kentucky can experience extreme weather as well. Severe thunderstorms and tornados pass through the area often, so it’s essential to constantly pay attention to your roof’s health, Louisville Soft Wash Roof Cleaning.

Asphalt Roofs

An asphalt roof is a common choice due to its durability and affordability. They include 25-year warranties because of their ability to withstand heat, UV rays, rain, and wind. Louisville soft wash roof clean

Asphalt shingles are called architectural shingles that last between 25 and 30 years. They are denser, thicker, and more durable, but they are also more expensive. You can sometimes even get warranties of 30 years for this type of roof.

Asphalt roof cleaning with soft washing is done regularly and effectively to protect and lengthen the lifespan. Make sure to take asphalt shingle roof cleaning seriously to maintain the integrity of your home.

Wood and Cedar Roofs

Because wood is a natural material and highly porous, exposure to water without proper aeration can cause significant problems. Allowing debris and organic growth coverage to build-up can cause irreversible damage. Wood is also vulnerable to warping and splitting, so it’s essential to keep an eye on it.

When cleaned properly, wood shake roofs can last 30 years. 

Slate Roof Soft wash

Moss and algae eat away at the coating on slate roofs, making them dull and vulnerable to damage. Being the pricier option, you’ll want to make sure your roof lasts as long as possible. When taken care of properly, the slate can last 50 years. Slate Roof Cleaning Company

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs take the gold for lifespan, lasting on average 70 years. Depending on the style you choose, they could be very affordable or costly. Pricing also factors in durability because of the thickness required.

Regular washing will help keep metal roofs shiny and in good condition.

What is Soft Washing?

Power washing and pressure washing use high water pressure levels and higher temperatures. Soft washing Louisville uses lower water pressure and temperature to clean without risk of damage.

Roofing materials are meant to protect your home, but they aren’t necessarily meant to withstand the heat and strong water pressure that comes with power washing and pressure washing.

When using a power washer or pressure washer on your roof, it’s possible to wear down the materials and make them fragile. It’s also possible that you could make them loose or even blow off your structure completely. Even if the damage isn’t immediately noticeable, your roofing materials will wear away and leave your home unprotected from the elements and pests.

Instead of temperature and pressure, soft washing uses water mixed with a biodegradable solution that helps remove unwanted materials and stains. The effects of soft washing last longer than other types of cleaning because of this revolutionary solution. The mild washing solution seeps into every crack and pore to clean without hurting the environment, rather than just forcefully removing surface problems.

Because this technique is more effective and lasts longer, it is also more environmentally friendly by requiring less frequent occurrences. You’ll save water and energy while cleaning your roof more effectively.

How Will Soft Washing Help My Roof?

Now that you understand what soft washing is, you must be wondering what exactly it does for your roof. Each type of roof has slightly different flaws and vulnerabilities, but in general, soft washing can solve all the major common problems you’ll encounter.

1. Clean Away Debris

Like power washing or pressure washing, soft washing will help clear away debris. If you have trees near your home or live in an area that is often stormy and windy, it’s likely your roof will be collecting leaves, branches, and other things that have fallen or blown onto it.

As things lay on your roof and pile up, your roof will become susceptible to several problems. When organic debris piles up, it’s common for mold, mildew, and other unwanted organic growths to begin forming. You could also be harboring organisms that thrive in debris buildup and make nests.

The buildup of debris can also conceal more significant problems and allow them to worsen while undetected. If a branch has fallen and damaged a shingle, for example, you might not be able to tell. Any hidden damage could lead to worsening issues in the structure of your house, such as mold, water damage, and wood rot.

2. Remove Mildew, Moss, and Algae

More considerable debris might be cleared away, but don’t forget organic growths that cling to your roof are harder to remove. Also, Mildew, moss, and algae are all common growths that can cause severe issues for your roof. They even slash years off of your roof’s lifespan.

Mildew is often seen as the orange stains that form on your shower walls and sink drains. It forms the easiest in areas that are constantly wet, dark, and warm. Mildew is a product of mold that loves these types of places.

When your roof is not adequately cleaned regularly, debris can easily create a wet, warm, and dark environment that allows mildew to grow. Algae and moss are also widespread on roofs because they thrive on porous materials with standing water.

When these issues are not resolved promptly, they can enter the structure of your home and cause even more costly problems.

Soft washing solutions include a biodegradable chemical mixture that kills and removes mold, mildew, moss, algae, and fungus. You won’t just be forcing it off the surface with water pressure but killing anything that has seeped into the pores and cracks of your roof.

3. Clear Away Bacteria

Unlike mildew, moss, and algae, bacteria are undetectable with the naked eye. You might not notice that it is living and thriving on your roof, but it’s there. Without proper cleaning, bacteria growth can threaten your family’s health.

Rainwater naturally carries a slew of bacteria and parasites. And

Soft washing solution has antibacterial properties that will sanitize your house while it cleans other growths and debris away.

4. Improve Appearance

It shouldn’t be a surprise that soft washing will improve the appearance of your home. Along with many practical benefits, your roof will look new.

The buildup of debris, moss, algae, and other growths will make your house look unkempt and messy. Even after you clear this debris away, the stains and damage will remain.

An unkempt roof will often show signs of damage, like dark stains that are unsightly. Soft washing can help clear away these stains and anything that is causing them.

5. Lengthen Lifespan

When you regularly care for your roof, you are extending its lifespan. While a roof will sometimes require repairs after just 15 years in harsh climates, you can extend this lifespan by a decade or more with consistent maintenance.

Soft washing is proven to lengthen the lifespan of your roof by effectively clearing away debris, organic growth, and pests. It will also help you keep an eye on your roof and spot any problems before they turn into costly repairs.

Roof repairs, on average, can cost you around $1,000, and the average cost of a complete replacement is over $8,000. Investing in regular cleaning can help you avoid repairs and replacements so that you can save thousands.

Lengthening the lifespan of your roof also means increasing the lifespan of your home. Your house depends on its roof for protection and climate control. Any damage to your roof can make your home vulnerable to further injury, cause an inability to maintain a comfortable temperature, and put your family at risk.

6. Save Energy

Because your roof plays a huge role in maintaining your home’s internal climate, any damage can cause significant issues. Heat can enter your home more efficiently during the summer, and your air conditioning efforts will leak out. During the winter, your home will not be able to retain the heat as the winter cold leaks in.

If you notice that your energy bills are climbing and your home isn’t staying comfortable, it may be time to address your roof. You are likely starting to accumulate significant damages.

By soft washing your roof regularly, you’ll stay on top of the health of your roof and prevent damage that will cause your energy bills to skyrocket.

Protect Your Home with Louisville Roof Cleaning

If you’ve been putting off roof-cleaning, wait no longer. Every day wasted is another day that debris, growths, and damage can worsen and threaten the integrity of your home. The revolutionary power of soft washing can restore your home to its former glory and save you from costly repairs. Hydro Solutions

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