Soft on Shingles,
Tough on Stains

We provide industry-leading services in cleaning and restoring your roofs appearance, with state of the art roof cleaning equipment. If your roof is in need of a deep clean, our proven and highly rated process will bring it back to life.

Why Should Your Roof Be Cleaned?

If left untreated, moss can shave years off of the life of your roof. Moss tends to spread rapidly, especially with the climate of the Ohio Valley. Root systems grow between, underneath, and into the surface of your roof's shingles and tiles, creating the potential to expose your roof, as well as trap water and excess heat. Many insurance companies have stipulations for roof maintenance including the care and upkeep of your roof, to extend the life and demeanor of your home. Don’t make the mistake of many homeowners and jeopardize your homeowners insurance with an unsightly roof.

Apart from the benefits of roof moss removal.

There are many other benefits associated with roof cleaning as listed below. Our roof cleaning technicians will also try to ensure that health and safety considerations are adhered to at all times. They will not compromise on quality or take shortcuts to get a job done quicker than it should be done, that's for sure!

Benefits of Roof Cleaning & Restoration

  • Improves the look of your home
  • Adds value to your property
  • Protects your roof
  • Extends the life of your roof
  • Protects against frost damage
  • Fast, safe & affordable

If you are concerned about the look of your roof, whether it is overgrown with moss or just looks dirty, then we can help! We can often survey your home using the latest satellite technology that will enable us to price what is required remotely. However, wherever possible, we prefer to visit your property to get an accurate representation of what's required.

Did you know that your asphalt roof can lose up to 40% of its life from damage caused by moss, algae and other debris left on the roof surface?

Asphalt Roof Cleaning

Cleaning an asphalt roof needs to be done in an extremely gentle fashion or you risk damaging the roof and voiding your roof’s warranty. That's why Kentuckiana has been choosing Hydro Solutions Power And Soft Washing for all of its asphalt roof cleaning needs for over 20 years. Our asphalt soft wash roof cleaning methods will both extend the life of your asphalt roof and keep the warranty intact.

Our industry leading cleaning agents are specifically designed for asphalt roof cleaning. It completely removes moss, algae, lichen, bacteria and many other of nature’s most damaging roof infestations.

Our Asphalt Roof Cleaning Services:

  1. We start the asphalt roof cleaning process by removing as much of the moss and other debris as safely possible.
  2. We treat tough roots with our environmentally safe cleaning solution killing 100% of the infestation.
  3. We clean your gutters to make sure they are fully functional.

In the end your asphalt roof is going to look new again and function perfectly, while lasting much,

It’s time to get that cedar shingle roof back to its original luster.

Wood Roof Soft Wash

Our professional soft wash cedar shake roof cleaning will take your roof back to pristine condition, extend the roof’s lifespan and increase your properties curb appeal and property value.

Cedar shingles need to breathe so it is important to remove moss, dirt and other infestations. Cedar shingles are delicate so it’s important to not use the full force delivered by regular pressure washing.

Regular power washing will damage a cedar shingle roof and void your warranty. This is why we use a soft wash cleaning system for all cedar shingle roofs.

Are you looking for a professional and experienced roof cleaning service to clean your metal roof?

Metal Roof Soft Wash

With our soft wash roof cleaning technique your metal roof will be brought back to its original luster. Your roof’s lifespan will be increased, and soft washing will not affect your roof’s warranty. All forms of algae and organic growth will be destroyed.

Depending on several factors including the type of metal, roof pitch and roof coatings we employ a soft wash roof cleaning to get perfect results every time.

We always offer free quotes. Call us today to see how we can bring your metal roof back to life.

Why Louisville and the surrounding counties choose Hydro Solutions Power & Soft Washing for their roof cleaning needs.

Our Metal Roof Cleaning Service:

  • Our metal roof cleaning is guaranteed to last 2 years
  • Our soft wash metal roof cleaning process has zero risk of roof damage
  • Our employees are trained, certified and experienced professionals
  • Metal roof cleaning prevents premature leaks and cracks due to algae, moss, and lichen
  • We carry comprehensive third-party liability insurance and are covered to clean any type of roof
  • Our Soft Wash metal roof cleaning kills 100% of the roof algae, mold, mildew and bacteria growth
  • And we warranty every clean for organic regrowth for 2 years

We can make your tile roof look brand new again.

Slate Tile Roof Soft Wash

Our Soft Wash Slate roof cleaning process extends the life of your tile roof and increases the curb appeal of your home adding value to your property.

Take Good Care of Your Slate Roof

Your tile roof is an important part of your home. It is the first line of defense against the out door elements and protects everything under it. It is wise to take preventative measures against moss and other organic growth to ensure your slate roof continues to function as it was intended to do.

When moss builds up in the spaces between the tiles and at the edges of the tiles, water can become blocked from its intended draining pattern, causing back-flow into the roof, resulting in leaks. Moss and algae will also eat away at the slate roofs coating, which results in loss of color and significantly reduces its lifespan.

Our Slate roof cleaning service starts by carefully removing the bulk of the moss and other debris by hand.

We then treat the roots with an environmentally friendly solution that will completely disinfect the roof. We finish by rinsing the roof with very low-pressure clean water. While cement tile can be rinsed with low pressure, we Never use High Pressure as this can damage or even break tiles.

Our Tile / Slate Roof Cleaning Process:

  1. Removal of the bulk of the moss and other debris.
  2. Treat tough roots with our environmentally safe cleaning solution.
  3. A final water rinse using low pressure by only creating a heavy rain shower over your home with 8gpm state of the art equipment rencising away any debris from your slate roof.

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